Square One: Mother to Mother

MotherWoman Principles Group

please note
Free Childcare, refreshments and assistance with transportation
  • Start date: February 2017
  • Friday at 10:30am
  • Square One Family Center
  • 1095 Main St.
  • Springfield, MA
  • MotherWoman Trained Facilitator: Jenise Katalina

A free drop in support group for pregnant women and mothers up through 1 year postpartum!

Talk with other moms about:

  • the adjustment to motherhood at all levels
  • balancing day-to-day self and baby care
  • the range of feelings from depression, anxiety, or feeling overwhelmed to love and joy

MotherWoman Groups are:

  • safe, confidential spaces, where moms can speak the truth about motherhood
  • a place to feel heard, understood, nurtured and validated
  • facilitated by trained MotherWoman leaders, who are also mothers