MotherWoman Group Principles

We believe

that speaking the truth about mothering is a revolutionary act, breaking silence, oppression and isolation for women. In our groups we support mothers in naming the deep challenges they are experiencing, knowing that there are few places where mothers can be truthful about the full spectrum of their experience.

We know

that mothering is both a blessed and a challenging experience. We explore the paradox, stress, pain and joy of the mothering experience. We do not sugarcoat it, but look for opportunities to find the gold, even in the darkest places.

We have confidence

that every woman has the wisdom within to navigate her life, when she feels heard, validated and honored for who she is, as she is.

We believe

that the state of a woman’s motherhood is highly dependent on the state of her womanhood. Therefore, our groups are designed to address the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs of the woman inside every mother, knowing that when she is well cared for, she will be a more effective parent.

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