Cultural Humility

Cultural Humility Workshop

Cultural Humility is a philosophy that empowers individuals to effectively engage in interpersonal relationships that are dynamically diverse and mutually respectful.  Unlike Cultural Competence, cultural humility is a life-long and ongoing process of self-reflection and self-critique in which individuals expand their capacity for learning, listening and understanding, regardless of their experiences with cultures other than their own.  Incorporating cultural humility as part of one’s lifestyle empowers the individual to recognize and redress power-imbalances that exist within their immediate social and organizational structures.  MotherWoman has adopted a “lifestyle” of cultural humility as one of its basic tenets.

Participants of the workshop will learn the importance of and/or engaging in:

  1. Committed lifelong learning and critical self-reflection
  2. Realizing our own power, privilege, and prejudices
  3. Practicing humble inquiry and deep listening
  4. Redressing imbalances for respectful partnerships
  5. Transforming institutions by promoting accountability