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Our Mission

MotherWoman supports and empowers mothers to create personal and social change by promoting the mental health and resilience of new mothers, building community safety nets and advocating for good family policy.

As many as one in nine women may experience postpartum depression and other birth-related emotional challenges. MotherWoman is committed to supporting moms through the perinatal experience with community-based support groups and networks of partners attuned to their needs.

We speak out to all moms: We see you. We hear you.

Our Philosophy

Mothers are powerful. When mothers are valued and supported, we are more successful in all areas of our lives, benefiting our children, families and communities. Creating communities of genuine respect and non-judgment for all mothers increases our collective power. Laws and policies that support families benefit everyone.

MotherWoman Support Groups

Our groups offer safety, consistency and clarity so that each woman can speak her truth.

Our facilitators strive to create rare, treasured safe places of non-judgment and acceptance for all mothers.


Three Pillars of Our Mission

Building Community Safety Nets

Promoting Good Public Policy

What Our Moms Say

Everyone kept telling me “hang in there, it gets so much better.” For me, it got harder after 12 weeks. I knew some other mothers going to MotherWoman. I was resistant to coming because I didn’t want to sit in a group of depressed, sad women! But I was desperate so I decided to try. Thank God!


While I did feel deep love and a strong connection to my baby after he was born, I was not prepared for how constant and exhausting caring for a newborn is. I had many ideals for how I would mother and found myself “failing” in most of them – breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and just being the perfect mom with the perfect baby. …I felt like a burden to my family and had trouble asking for the help I needed and was also afraid to share the thoughts I had.


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