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Immigration from Central America is up 25% over the past decade; most are fleeing violence at home, and many are newly settling in the Gateway Cities of Western MA. Latino immigrants tend to arrive healthier but their health declines as they spend more time in the US. Please help us get service providers crucial information about the needs of these newcomers so they can access tailored health care and social services and stay healthy.

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MotherWoman promotes the resilience and empowerment of mothers and their communities by building community-capacity and advocating for just policies through evidence based research and grassroots organizing.


MotherWoman Support Groups

Our groups offer safety, consistency and clarity so that each woman can speak her truth.

Our facilitators strive to create rare, treasured safe places of non-judgment and acceptance for all mothers.


Supporting Our Mission

Facilitator Training
Community-Based, Peer-to-Peer trainings scheduled for this year.
training communities to address perinatal emotional complications and mood disorders.
Resource Guide
developed by the Hampden County Perinatal Support Coalition.
Good Public Policy
advocating for legislation that positively impact mothers, children and families.
Professional Trainings
designed for a wide range of grassroots advocates, medical and social service providers.

What Our Moms Say

I think that I had a fairly “typical” postpartum period. My son didn’t have that sleepy first week or so, however – he just seemed to cry! I felt overwhelmed, wondered why he had done this, and I had a hard time finding any joy in it. Congratulatory cards advising us to “savor every moment” made me think something was wrong with us! My husband, who was home for the first six weeks, spent that time angry and resentful. I didn’t know how we were going to survive.


While I did feel deep love and a strong connection to my baby after he was born, I was not prepared for how constant and exhausting caring for a newborn is. I had many ideals for how I would mother and found myself “failing” in most of them – breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and just being the perfect mom with the perfect baby. …I felt like a burden to my family and had trouble asking for the help I needed and was also afraid to share the thoughts I had.


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